Welcome to Red Mutha!
We customise! We create! We Rock!


 Here at Red Mutha  we create all manner of one-off,customised,recycled  clothing and some brand spanking new stuff  too.

We  also do bespoke customisations for anyone who wants to be different and unique.

There's Aston from JLS! In his custom made Red Mutha leather - - - - - > - - - - -> - - - - - - > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >

And Jesy from Little Mix!!!!--------->---------------->-------------------------->---------------------------------->>>>>>>

And Nicky Wire! Frome the Manic Street Preachers!----------------------->--------------------------->-------------------------->

We currently don't sell much from here. 

But we are working on expanding our online selling,so keep your eyes on the site!

We'll be selling loads of one-off customised garments and take online commissions too.

Here's some photos of what we can do........


We can customise a jacket personally to your specifications.Tell us what you want.Dare ya!

Call Dan on 07811 406420 with any enquiries about customisations or anything else Red Mutha related.

 We no longer have our Brighton Store, but the lovely Clare, a long time collaborator of Red Mutha now has the shop and sells lots of Red Mutha gear as well as loads of other fantastic stuff, and it's called ......Flax! Which is at...........

92 Trafalgar Street




email. redmutha@btopenworld.com

Follow us: www.twitter.com/redmutha

Be our friend: www.facebook.com/red.mutha


See y'all soon!!

Love Red and Dan